Complex Checks – Strict Selection Process

In order to be eligible for a Customers’ Friend medal, nominated companies undergo a strict selection process that includes a number of complex verifications.

Proven Premium Experience

To be awarded a medal by the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend programme, companies must provide their customers with a proven premium experience.

In order to be eligible for a gold Customers’ Friend medal, organisations nominated under our Customers’ Friend programme, undergo a strict selection process that includes a number of complex checks conducted by the ICERTIAS organisation as well as consumers.


The initial step in obtaining the Customers’ Friend certification is the submission of an application. An application for a company can be submitted by a consumer, employee or by the company itself.


ICERTIAS inspects each potential candidate with a particular focus on the company’s relationship with its customers. Inspection includes secondary research on factors such as the quality of the company’s relationship with its employees and customers, the company’s financial indicators and its reputation, which includes the public image of its owners and directors.


Should the nominated company meet all the certification criteria, it is then invited to accept and sign the Customers’ Friend Declaration (Charter) and join the Customers’ Friend certification programme. Each company that becomes a member of the Customers’ Friend programme is then eligible to use the gold Customers’ Friend medal in their promotional activity.


In determining the criteria for a company’s entrance into the Customers’ Friend programme, ICERTIAS places great emphasis on the methodology itself. To learn more about it, click: METHODOLOGY

        The connection between good customer service and brand loyalty may seem intuitive. What’s more surprising is that seeking to engage an angry or confrontational customer can also have a positive effect on brands.  

HBR (Harvard Business Review), 16 Jan, 2018.

        Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.        

Bill Gates