ZiraatBank BH d.d. was granted the right to operate and provide banking services in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1996, and in March 1997 it started its work in Sarajevo as the first bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina with foreign capital.


ZiraatBank BH d.d. is a subsidiary of Turkish state Ziraat Bankasi A.S. which offers you all kinds of banking activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: domestic and external payment transactions via swift; currency exchange; issuance and management of charge cards; issuance and management of internationally valid credit cards; consumer loans; housing loans; auto loans,; business loans; documentary affairs and guarantees; Western union; e-banking; accounts and deposits; ATM services; POS terminals.


ICERTIAS Customers' Friend


ZIRAAT BANK will continue with its efforts to provide Bosnian and Herzegovinian customers high-quality products at a fair price, together with great customer service. To confirm that and to maintain a high-quality customer service BILLA has qualified for the Customers’ Friend certificate and accolade.


To earn the "Customers' Friend - Because It’s You We Care About” medal ZIRAAT BANK in Bosnia and Herzegovina has gone through detailed research and strict verification process based on four major analytical “pillars”: 1. Reputation; 2. Communication and Social; 3. User Experience; and 4. Trust.


Thanks to earning high marks, ZIRAAT BANK has legitimately earned the right to bear the medal “Customers’ Friend - Because It’s You We Care About” and status „Customers' Friend - Dedicated to Excellence”.