Vimport doo was founded in 2002. Basic activities at the time of establishment were import and distribution of audio/video equipment, heathers, air-conditioners and small home appliances. 

FOX electronics brand has been present on Serbian market since 2004.

Very quickly, it became the synonym for excellent quality at an affordable price. Thanks to the implementation and use of the newest technologies, as well as to high-quality materials and excellent design, FOX devices are manufactured in a way that they fit perfectly into contemporary lifestyle. Since the very beginning, the company has dealt successfully with all challenges of running and managing business in Serbia and it became one of the leading companies in a world of consumer electronics very quickly. We are proud to say that we are still on top today. 

The company introduced SMART TVs with Android platform to its customer in 2014. In the same year, the company opened a TV manufacturing factory in Serbia, thus providing better and more efficient quality control.

This also enabled company to adjust FOX devices to the needs of domestic market. At the beginning of 2016, FOX presented new series of ultra-thin LED TVs. 

Following the worldwide trends not only in a field of technology, but also trends regarding design and needs of a modern man, FOX ULED series makes the best in the world of products for home entertainment 

FOX ELECTRONICS brand fulfils the most important requirements: 

  • QUALITY - The quality of a product is guaranteed by the implementation of the newest technologies, rigorous controls regarding the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process itself, as well as by the years of experience and wide knowledge.


  • DESIGN – Thanks to constant monitoring of shifting boundaries of innovation, FOX devices are a combination of modern design and elegance. Guided by a modern way of living and a need for simplicity, design of FOX devices fits in all surroundings and perfectly captures the fact that FOX products are timeless.


  • PRICE – Thanks to the development of stable market position, patience and willingness to adapt to purchasing power of a consumer, FOX brand offers top quality at an affordable price.


  • CUSTOMER CARE – An extended warranty period, highly-developed post-sale service network, efficient service in the shortest term possible on the territory of whole Serbia offer complete safety throughout the purchase.


  • IDENTITY – Merging of quality and technology, knowledge and experience in manufacturing combined with perfect design resulted in creation of well-known image of FOX brand on market. Visual identity contributes to a determination of a customer throughout a selection of new FOX devices. 


By joining the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification programme, VIMPORT commited to provide most positive experience to customers.

Furthermore, by accepting and signing the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend Charter, VIMPORT acquires the right to display the eponymous ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification mark - Because it's you we care about and status "Superior Excellence" in customer relation.