PRVA Osebna Zavarovalnica



PRVA was founded in 2000 after the introduction of the pension reform, then under the name Prva pokojninska družba. Within the framework of the ZPIZ-I law, this specialized in voluntary additional pension insurance, or the second pillar of pension.


The success of  PRVA Osebna Zavarovalnica  is primarily due to the employees who make  PRVA Osebna Zavarovalnica  a unique insurance and bring their customers an exceptional insurance experience.

ICERTIAS Customer's friend


 PRVA Osebna Zavarovalnica Slovenia has affirmed its prestigious Customers' Friend certificate. This international certification program is open only to organizations that stand out for exemplary customer service.


Companies must have a proven record of exceptional customer service to receive the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certificate. All nominees must undergo a strict evaluation and verification process based on four analytical pillars: Reputation, Communication and Social, User Experience, and Trust.


Having received high marks for all four pillars,   PRVA Osebna Zavarovalnica has earned the right to continue promoting its "Customers' Friend – SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE status.