PIATRAONLINE - Customers' Friend Award winner!

PIATRAONLINE is a registered trademark of Rock Star Construct Romania.
We are the first and the largest online store for natural stone in Romania. For 10 years we select and import the best natural stone from around the world.
Our quality natural stone comes from India, Brazil, Spain and China.
We like to think that every new project is like a white canvas, and we have full range of colors.

Our team of specialists choose materials to the highest quality standards, following the global trends as well; in order to maximize the potential of each project. We do not believe in limits and compromises.
We are curious to understand the client's vision and do not believe that there is no requirement to be too demanding. We appreciate and share the care for details. Only when imagination meets quality materials, spectacular projects arise.
Our Values:
  • Specialized selection
  • Experience and expertise
  • Passion for beauty
  • Curiosity and attention to detail
Over the 10 years of existence, professionalism, respect forour customers and quality of our service on domestic and international markets in over 21 countries imposed PIATRAONLINE as a prestigious and reliable brand.
Our concern is always to remain the best and more competitive to meet the permanent needs and suggestions of our customers.

ICERTIAS Customers' Friend 2017/2018
Piatraonline membership in the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification programme, is confirmation that the the customer, their needs, and ther satisfaction are at the core of Piatraonline operations.
By accepting and signing the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend Declaration, Piatraonline acquires the right to display the eponymous ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification mark - Because it's you we care about.