The Panvita Group is the first and largest company chain in the Slovenian food-processing industry, which manages safe and quality manufacturing and processing of food in the entire chain from the field to the spoon.

A tasty and quality meal on your table does not come only from your nearest shop; it makes a longer path. At the Panvita Group we make sure its path is safe, traceable and monitored, since we want to give our customers only the highest quality and healthy home-grown food. It is produced and processes with great respect to the environment, to which we get back that what we get from it.

The key factor of our success is our employees; therefore, we invest in their knowledge and development. We believe that they are a guarantee for growth and development of the entire group. We like working with people and for the people. The story of the Panvita Group is created together with our partners throughout the entire production process, and shared every day through our products with our loyal customers. We are grateful for our Pannonia plain, because we know that here is where it all begins


Mission and Values

We define our mission as the responsibility to produce ecologically friendly food products and the natural raising of livestock that emerges from majestic flatlands, where the life energy of the panonska region, sunlight and fertile soil create perfect conditions.

Our future recognition will continue to be based upon principles of partnership, self-assurance, reliability, adaptability and constancy.

Vision and Goals

Our vision is to become the leading provider of food products in the domestic market and an important provider of food products in Central Europe.


Short Name: PANVITA MIR d.d.
Industry: Food-processing
Established: 1922
Headquarters: Ljutomerska cesta 28A, 9250 Gornja Radgona, Slovenia
Service Type: Manufacture of meat products


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