JYSK is a Danish retail chain that sells furniture, bedding and other household equipment and it is established in 1979 under the name Jydsk Sengetøjslager. Today, the JYSK Group embraces approximately 2100 stores in 39 countries around the world. 
At JYSK they believe that human relationships are important and that is why they conduct training to ensure the highest level of service and quality of counseling.  As an international company, JYSK interacts with thousands of customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. The way they act has an impact on our surroundings, and this means that as a company they have a great responsibility. 
Their responsibility comprises a number of areas, including JYSK employees as well as employees working for their suppliers throughout the world. They have a responsibility to ensure that their products are made with respect for both humans, animals and nature. 
Through Supplier Code of Conduct, which all suppliers must accept and comply with, they make demands for environment, climate, animal welfare, product safety, and also ethical and social conditions. 
At JYSK they believe that they can always do things a little better and become even bigger, so that they can still give customers the best offers in the future. 
They want to do more than just give customers an attractive offer based solely on price. Their entire concept should radiate good offers to the customers.