Intersurgical Lithuania is the bearer of the prestigious international accolade "Customers' Friend - Because It’s You We Care About”, awarded exclusively to companies that have a superior relationship with their customers and clients

Intersurgical is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical products for the respiratory tract. They supply a wide range of products for respiratory care - anesthesia, resuscitation, oxygen and aerosol therapy. The products are intended for use not only in hospitals but also at home.

Intersurgical has more than 30 years of experience in this field help, which helps to understand the needs of their clients and the changes and requirements of the clinical environment. Company have always believed that the best way to maintain the highest level of design, production, quality and customer care is to have complete control over these areas in the house. The Intersurgical's general internal philosophy is to strive to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of consumers and to continuously meet their requirements.

In order to earn the "Customers' Friend - Because It’s You We Care About” medal and ‘Superior Excellence’ status, Intersurgical has gone through a detailed research and verification process based on four major analytical “pillars”: 1. Reputation; 2. Communication and Social; 3. User Experience; and 4. Trust.


Each of these analysed “pillars” is divided into additional subsections that are individually evaluated. “Reputation” is evaluated on the basis of ten separate subsections: Relationship with Customers; Customer Support; Relationship with Employees; Relationship with Business Partners; Innovation; Financial Stability; Quality of Products and Services in the Market; Competitiveness and Social Responsibility. In Communication and Social three subgroups are assessed: Media Relations; Digital Communication; and Classic Communication.

In User Experience five subgroups are evaluated: Intuitiveness; Simplicity; Speed; Durability; and Availability. In Trust the following subgroups are assessed: Competence; Reliability; Integrity; and Transparency.


Thanks to earning high marks, Intersurgical has legitimately earned the right to bear the “Customers’ Friend – Superior Excellence” status.


By signing the official Customers’ Friend Declaration - which commits companies to maintaining a superior, model relationship with their customers, partners and employees - Intersurgical  has met all the conditions in full for bearing the prestigious accolade “Customers’ Friend - Because It’s You We Care About” and international status ‘Superior Excellence’.