INTERSPORT brings Sport to the People my maximizing their satisfaction and enjoyment

Sport is for everyone and Intersport's mission is to bring the sport to the people. Intersport tends to the provision of maximum customer satisfaction in every purchase and is also committed to enabling everyone the enjoyment and benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle.

With enthusiasm and passion, it shares its knowledge with customers, providing that each customer receives the best advice, taking into account their age and ability. Intersport is dedicated to giving people of every age and ability outstanding service and the best products from the best brands.

Intersport is built on a strong foundation of quality – the best brands, the best products, the best service and the best value. Intersport provides the best customer service by guiding the customer to find the solution that fits their needs best, so Intersport is proud that it can invite each and every customer into its exciting retail environment. While at the same time, Intersport’s task is to supply equipment and a range of brands that provide the greatest customer satisfaction.

It is Intersport that believes sport is for everyone. Every day its employees around the world as well as in Slovenia are trying to make that vision a reality in the best possible way. Intersport tries at all times to act in a professional manner and wants to provide its clients and customers the greatest possible value.

ICERTIAS Customers' Friend – Ker cenimo svoje kupce

In the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend secondary market research, Intersport has meet the requirements of the ICERTIAS Customers’ Friend certification in which the following data have been analysed: the social attitude of company towards the community and society as a whole; the natural environment and employees; user experience; the level of confidence - or the perception, opinion of the public, potential customers and clients about the Intersport  activities on Slovenian market.

With secondary market research it is confirmed exemplary relationship that Intersport has with its customers and clients and therefore Intersport is able to carry the sign „ICERTIAS Customers' Friend – Ker cenimo svoje kupce“.