IKI - one of the largest retail chains in Lithuania

IKI is one of the largest retail chains in Lithuania.

They focus their activities to meet the needs of different customers. Quality food, freshness guarantee, sincere attention to customers, pleasant atmosphere and quality of service are their core values. They believe that with such a professional and united team and international experience, they will always be the trading network that you will want to return to on a daily basis.


  • - best shopping offer (best value for money);

  • - a passion for food every day (the most innovative, freshest and best quality food, the most appropriate choice);

  • - the best shopping experience (the most enjoyable, convenient and fastest services, cozy environment);

  • - shop close to Lithuanian buyers;

  • - social responsibility and sustainability.


  • - be proud of the company's history and traditions;

  • - be socially responsible and ethical;

  • - be honest, trustworthy and respectful;

  • - be innovative and bold;

  • - love your customers;

  • - be professional and take a positive look at everything.