GALEB is a Croatian company founded in 1951 with its headquarters in Omis. It is engaged in the production of laundry. GALEB has created 3 brands within its production program: Galeb, Adriatic and GLB.


When selecting raw materials, it cooperates only with suppliers of European origin, which results in a product that meets high quality and environmental standards.


Since February 2007, the products have been marked with Croatian quality as a confirmation of high environmental standards.


ICERTIAS Customers' Friend


GALEB  will continue with its efforts to provide Croatian customers high-quality products at a fair price, together with great customer service. To confrim that and to maintain a high-quality customer service GALEB has qualified for the Customers' Friend certificate and accolade.


To earn the "Customers' Friend - Because It's You We Care About" medal GALEB in Croatia has gone through detailed research and strict verification process based on four major analytical "pillars": 1. Reputation; 2. Communication and Social; 3. User Experience; and 4. Trust.


Thanks to earning high marks, GALEB has legitimately earned the right to bear the medal Customers' Friend.