FIS reaffirms its prestigious Customers' Friend – SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE status


FIS was founded in Bosina and Herzgovina in 2000. FIS is one of the largest retail chains in Bosnia and Herzegovina based in Vitez. Strong market expansion and 25 years of business put FIS at the very top of the region's retail brands.


Companies must have a proven record of exceptional customer service to receive the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certificate. All nominees must undergo a strict evaluation and verification process based on four analytical pillars: Reputation, Communication and Social, User Experience, and Trust.


Each of the pillars is divided into several categories that are individually evaluated.  Reputation is assessed based on nine categories: Relationship with Customers, Customer Support, Relationship with Employees, Relationship with Business Partners, Innovation, Financial Stability, Quality of Products and Services in the Market, Competitiveness, and Social Responsibility. Communication and Social comprises three categories: Media Relations, Digital Communication, and Classic Communication. User Experience comprises five categories: Intuitiveness, Simplicity, Speed, Durability, and Availability. Lastly, Trust consists of four categories: Competence, Reliability, Integrity, and Transparency.


Having received high marks for all four pillars, FIS has earned the right to continue promoting its "Customers' Friend – SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE" status. In addition, by signing the official Customers' Friend Declaration—which obliges all participating companies to maintain a superior relationship with their customers, partners, and employees throughout the certification period – FIS has fulfilled all requirements for continued use of the Customers' Friend label.