ERSTE BANK ( Novosadska Banka) in Serbia was established in 1864 as the first saving bank . In 2005 Novosadska Banka became a member of Erste Group, which was founded in 1819 as the first Austrian savings bank.

Since it arrived in Serbia, ERSTE BANK has undergone a dynamic development, which to this day is accompanied by an annual increase in the number of branches.


ERSTE BANK reaffirms its prestigious Customers' Friend – SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE status


This international certification program is open only to organizations that stand out for exemplary customer service. Companies must have a proven record of exceptional customer service to receive the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certificate. All nominees must undergo a strict evaluation and verification process based on four analytical pillars: Reputation, Communication and Social, User Experience, and Trust.


Having received high marks for all four pillars, ERSTE BANK has earned the right to continue promoting its "Customers' Friend label.