DRACO was founded in 1997 with its headquarters in Solin Croatia. It specializes in the production, design and sale of waterproofing, renovation and restoration materials and industrial floors.


DRACO construction pharmacy is located in Split, Solin and Zagreb. Apart from Croatia, the company also operates in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.


DRACO is an innovative and honest international company with a leading position in targeted market segments. In addition, there are numerous awards among them Qudal - for the best quality of waterproofing products in Croatia.


ICERTIAS Customers' Friend


DRACO  will continue with its efforts to provide Croatian customers high-quality products at a fair price, together with great customer service. To confrim that and to maintain a high-quality customer service DRACO has qualified for the Customers' Friend certificate and accolade.


To earn the "Customers' Friend - Because It's You We Care About" medal DRACO in Croatia has gone through detailed research and strict verification process based on four major analytical "pillars": 1. Reputation; 2. Communication and Social; 3. User Experience; and 4. Trust.


Thanks to earning high marks, DRACO has legitimately earned the right to bear the medal Customers' Friend.