Buchen Kozyak



Бучен Козјак - quality dairy products made from raw milk without any additives!

Buchen Kozyak is company established in 1983 by the spouses Mr. Branko Stojkovski and mrs. Stojka Stojkovska.

The natural taste of the products is what made the dairy recognizable in the choosy market. The long years of existence of Buchen Kozyak speak for themselves for the good working discipline in the company, which has been recognized and rewarded by the customers. What makes Buchen Kozyak an established brand is the production of top quality milk products which are made with a successful combination of traditional knowledge and the latest technological trends in a creative work atmosphere.

Buchen Kozyak pursues its policy of controlled quality, devotedly working on fulfillment of goals set and aspiring towards improvement of its production facilities and personnel.

Confirmation of this effort is the numerous awards, acknowledgements and letters of gratitude received from many institutions and independent agencies which analyze the market.


Mission: The management and the employees make efforts to produce only high quality milk products that will enable end users to meet their dietary needs while consuming safe natural products made in a traditional fashion.


Vision: We tend to redesign our company with proven brand products so that we continuously offer wholesome nutrition to our customers.

In addition to its customers, Buchen Kozyak also takes care of its employees and partners, who are also valuable assets to the reputation of the company and good business. Buchen Kozjak recognises that its success is interwoven with the success of its employees, and is keenly invested in providing them opportunity to progress, both professionally and personally.

Buchen Kozjak membership in the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification programme, is confirmation that the customers and their needs are at the core of its operations. By accepting and signing the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend Declaration, Buchen Kozjak acquires the right to display the eponymous ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification mark - Because it's you we care about.