Bonnox is a very innovative Company, constantly listening to their customers, and trying to satisfy their needs - hence the large range of products to fit most requirements

In l962 the founder VH Schadewaldt started a small business in Pretoria, named Bonnox.

For 50 years Bonnox has been a pioneer in the wire industry, after introducing welded meshes for poultry and small animals. In l964 Bonnox introduced into Africa a world famous and worldwide product called hinge joint field fence. Initially imported hinge joint field fence, Bonnox facilitated local production in 1968.

In 1988 Bonnox started its own production of an improved version of field fence, called Africa Pattern. This New product was specially designed for Africa Game, more wires in impact zone and 2.44 meters high. This new Africa Pattern was so successful that Bonnox designed and built 3 more machines and 13 more patterns was introduced, called Kombi Fence Africa Pattern and 4x4 Square Mesh Africa Pattern. A short while ago Bonnox has commenced building a 3 meter wide machine to make a 3 meter high Game Fence.

All these products are unique to the world. Bonnox is now the biggest manufacturer of hinge joint field fence Africa pattern in Africa, with more than 65 different products available. All products are fully galvanized for a longer life span.