ADDIKO BANK was founded in Austria in 2016. The group is active in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The bank's activities are commercial banking, investment banking, leasing, asset management.


ADDIKO BANK in Montenegro has been operating since 2006, offering financial products and services to citizens, legal entities and public institutions. Today, ADDIKO BANK's nerwork includes 11 branches and 26 ATMs throughout Montenegro.


ICERTIAS Customers' Friend


ADDIKO BANK will continue to provide excellent services to the clients. To confrim that and to maintain a high-quality customer service ADDIKO BANK has qualified for the Customers' Friend certificate and accolade.


To earn the "Customers' Friend - Because It's You We Care About" medal ADDIKO BANK in Montenegro has gone through detailed research and strict verification process based on four major analytical "pillars": 1. Reputation; 2. Communication and Social; 3. User Experience; and 4. Trust.


Thanks to earning high marks, ADDIKO BANK has legitimately earned the right to bear the medal Customers' Friend.